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 Switchgear Safety: Tips for Reducing the Risk of Electrical Accidents

Switchgear Safety: Tips for Reducing the Risk of Electrical Accidents

The electrical switch gear is used to supply power to electrical motors and other moving electrical parts within a factory. Switchgear can accidentally be switched on or off when safety guards are not present or not observing proper safety protocols. If the switchgear is failed the functioning the consequences can be catastrophic. The cost of repairing a damaged system could be massive, but it’s not as huge as it could create a danger to people, We are all aware that our body is a good conductor of electricity, and exposure to different voltage levels can cause severe injuries and even death. Some common accidents involving switchgear are : 

  • Electrical shock: Electrical shocks can happen when a person comes in contact with an energized electrical source. It could produce a powerful shockwave that has the potential to hurl a worker across the room which could result in serious injuries. 
  • Electrical Burns: Electricity flows through the body leaving burns on humans or even causing a person to become disabled or even die.
  • Explosions: The use of medium voltage in conjunction with oil circuit breakers or mini substations that can lead to fires.
  • Temperature Increase: When wires and cables are open to high voltage levels that exceed their capacity, heat can start to rise, because of the accumulation of heat that can lead to the melting or breakdown of wires and cables. To make sure safety when dealing with high-voltage electricity, it is important to purchase accessories that are recommended to meet industry standards.  


Advantages of structured education for Electrical switchgear 


             Adequate training will help employees to understand the risk associated with working with electrical switchgear and methods to mitigate those uncertainties, which could reduce accidents. Achieving successful coaching enables individuals to gain the knowledge and skill required to work with electrical switchgear effectively. Another factor is that the workers will be capable enough in identifying all the elements in the switchgear and their purposes. Electrical experts have an understanding of the ideal condition required for a switch room, the appropriate equipment to use, the necessary safety rules to follow, and the right way to operate electrical switchgear.

 Here are some tips to reduce the risk of electrical accidents:

                 To minimize the risk of accidents when working with switchgear, many safety tips should be followed. Organizations should prioritize scheduling periodic inspections to accurately assess the condition of the electrical switchgear. By taking proactive steps to maintain switchgear and adhering to safety protocols, institutions can reduce the risk of electrical accidents and ensure the safety of their workers, It is important to assess several factors when inspecting switchgear. These may contain the condition of the switch room, the environment in which the switchgear is located, humidity level, leaks, rust, and any other factors that may affect the switchgear or its functions. 

    To manage the risks associated with working with the strategy of risk management should include:

  • Record keeping and Information of the system, to ensure all the relevant information related to the equipment is easily available and up-to-date.
  • Implement policies and procedures that cover installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and removal of the equipment. Regular updation of policies and procedures would be great.
  • Defined roles and responsibilities, make sure that everyone involved in the roles and responsibilities that are allocated understands their rules or accountabilities related to the maintenance, and operation of switchgear. 
  • Provide proper supervision and training to the workers, this could be provided on an ongoing basis to keep the individuals up-to-date with the latest procedures and practices.         
  • Always recommended to wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with switch gear. Which includes safety glasses, gloves, and flame-resistant clothing.
  • Address immediately when signs of damage, loose connection, etc are found.
  • Use proper tools when working on switch gears that include insulated tools and voltage testers.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock verify whether it is perfectly bonded.
  • Regular inspection is required to avoid the risk of electrical accidents.

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