Emergency ACB Replacement: Contact Us Now to Address Your ACB Failure

Emergency ACB Replacement: Contact Us Now to Address Your ACB Failure

 A circuit breaker is a device for breaking any circuit manually or remotely usually under normal circumstances. The main function of a  circuit breaker is to interrupt in fault conditions such as short circuit or  over current. Protecting the system or switches is the function of circuit breakers in general. Other devices such as relays,switches, fuses etc are utilized for the same purpose.Power systems and industries include circuit breakers to protect and control various circuit components such as transformers, switchgear, motors, alternators, generators  etc.

Need of service air circuit breakers

Air circuit breakers can experience multiple faults like failing to turn on or off, resetting improperly, not tripping off wherever needed. There are more issues like breaker failing to remain closed when activated, and erratic tripping . By creating an appropriate suitable service schedule you can prevent the issues.

Our suggestion is to implement a proper maintenance plan to confirm the steady operation of your  equipment there is varying requirements. There is customized service available to you that meets your specific needs. It is according to the operating conditions of your ACB and the frequency of the use is the schedule of the maintenance.To find more about electrical repair maintenance, Contact us.

Function of Air circuit breaker

Either manual or automatically enabling  and disabling a three phase circuit.

In the event of fault it automatically opens the circuit, Faults can be of various types under or over voltage, under or over frequency, short circuit, reverse power, earth fault, among others.

The main characteristic of an ACB is that it has the capability to suppress or quench arcing that can occur due to overloading.

Working of ACB

ACB contains two types of contacts: main and auxiliary contacts. There are stationary contacts and moving contacts in every set of contacts.It is the main contact carrying most of the load current. These contacts contain cadmium – silver alloy which shows exceptional resistance to damage by arcing.

A robust spring is activated when the ACB is closed and ACB is attached against the force of the spring. Here, the first to establish contact and break  last is auxiliary contact.which means that when ACB is closed it is the auxiliary contact that closes first followed by the main contact.

The main  contact is the first to open When the ACB is opened and followed by auxiliary contact. During the opening of ACB the auxiliary contacts are subjected to arcing and are readily replaceable.

Contact Us For Emergency Replacement

  • Quick response- We make responses to  every call quickly as we understand that downtime is costly.Our team is equipped with tools and expertise that enable us to make a prompt action of replacing ACB .
  • Quality we deliver in replacing-  For ensuring that your new ACB is reliable and long lasting we  use high- quality replacement parts from reputable manufacturers. 
  • Installation-  we have experienced technicians for installation purposes of ACBs and other electrical components. There will be thorough testing after installations  to ensure that installation happened correctly.
  • Constant support – Our dedicated team will provide you  with ongoing support to our customers.  To reduce risk of failures and to ensure in proper working condition we build a maintenance  plan for your ACBs and other electrical components.

The ACB failure can be a critical issue that could lead to downtime, decrease in productivity , and even safety risks.  Which is the reason it is essential  to have a reliable and efficient emergency replacement service on hand  Our ACB replacements services contain emergency replacements,  scheduled maintenance, and also upgradation. WE strive to be a perfect partner for our clients.  Choosing our service can guarantee in  availing  high quality and credible ACB replacements meetings all  the safety standards and regulations. Why to wait until it is too late? Contact Voltronix Switchgear for more information regarding ACB replacements and services. You can count on us anytime.

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