Switchgear for Renewable Energy: Choosing the Right Equipment

Switchgear for Renewable Energy: Choosing the Right Equipment

Introduction to switchgear for renewable energy

Switchgear has a vital role in controlling, regulating electrical switches in a power system. To make sure safe and sound operation of the electrical grid by switching electrical circuits on and off and offering protection against overvoltage and overcurrent. Switchgear devices consist of a range of components such as switches, fuses, circuit breakers, isolators, relays, current and potential transformers, indicating instruments, lightning arresters and control panels. These can control the flow of power and protect the equipment from damages. Primarily switchgear was used in sophisticated electrical substations to manage and operate voltage in highly volatile environmental conditions. Power generation stations are at the heart of the electrical network that produces electricity through various means through fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable energy sources like wind, solar etc. 

Understanding the importance of choosing the right switchgear

To achieve optimal performance, and efficiency which reduces environmental impact, renewable companies are investing in advanced technologies and solutions. Direct current is largely used for solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and charging systems because of its efficiency. Making sure safe switching for electromagnet components, under the use of direct current places high requirements. This must have the ability to control high voltages and avoid electric arc from happening by also providing reliable switching capabilities.

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Gas insulated switchgears are mostly known as GIS are used in industries and utilities for medium voltages, high voltage and extra high voltage substations in most part of the world which is proven to be highly effective. Space constraints, atmospheric condition, and life cycle cost are the main factors that regulate the decision for choosing GIS. This is really beneficial where environmental condition such as snowfall or corrosive atmosphere, AIS (Air Insulated Substation) may lead to increase in maintenance and even to failure of the equipment.  Air insulated substation or Gas insulated substations are referred to as the insulation   between the exposed conductive part of the substation.

As per the reports of IRENA, that the power generation capacity for renewable energy sources reached 3,1 terawatts in the previous year, a 9.3 percent increase has witnessed than the last year. There is significant growth in recent decades due to decline in renewable technology prices and rising concerns regarding the environmental impact of traditional energy sources.

Asia and Oceania generated almost more than 4000 terawatts hours of electricity which is emission free, renewable source of energy accounted for about 3,400 terawatt hours. 

Power generation stations are at the heart of the electrical network that produces electricity through various means through fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable energy sources like wind, solar etc.

In a wind power system, it is the switchgear that is used to control the connection which is between the wind turbines and the power grid. It can help the wind turbines from overvoltage, undervoltage, and other faults.

For a solar power system, the function of switchgear is to manage current flow from the solar panels to the grid or to the battery. Safety, reliability, and maximum efficiency are offered by switchgear.

Key factors to be considered while selecting switchgear for renewable energy

 When choosing switchgear for the purposes of renewable energy, there are different factors to be considered.

  • Level of Voltage: The voltage level of the renewable energy should be matching the switch gear you get. The equipment which requires high voltage is sophisticated and costly.
  • Type of Switchgear: There are different types of switchgear for high voltage systems and Low voltage systems. High-Voltage switch gears are-Air insulated switch gears, Gas insulated and highly integrated. Low-voltage switch gears are contactors, circuit-breakers, Molded cases, and miniature circuit breakers, Fuses. 
  • Environmental Conditions: It is better to check the environmental condition of the place the switch gears being installed which includes humidity, temperature etc.
  • Safety: Safety features such as interlocks, grounding, and protective relays could be checked while selecting one to avoid accidents and other risks.

Choosing the appropriate switchgear is necessary for your renewable energy project. Above mentioned points are factors to be taken care while purchasing switchgear. Our team of professionals that can guide you in opting the right switchgear for your equipment and can assist you  at every stage of the process. Contact Switchgear Manufacturers Dubai for more information!

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